Lorri Thanos CTC, CTL, Founder/CEO of Choices Senior Solutions

Lorri Thanos CTC, CTL, Founder/CEO of Choices Senior Solutions

To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery.
To remain on that path requires courage.
The bridge that merges the two is commitment.
— Dr. Steve Maraboli

The Choice Became Clear...

Every Story has a beginning, every company a vision.  It’s what happens to create that beginning, and grow that vision that makes the difference between an epic best seller, or a short article that never gets published.  Lorri Thanos CTC, CTL is the Founder/CEO, of Choices Senior Solutions, the teen caregiver for elderly family members who became a woman with an intense passion for improving the state of eldercare for all.

Lorri’s passion and vision led her to create Choices Senior Solutions.  An always changing and growing, innovative company, Choices stays laser focused on Seniors and Senior Living.  Lorri remains authentic, genuine and committed to running a relationship-based business that minimizes obstacles and positively impacts the lifestyles and health of the Seniors she has advocated for during the last 12 years.  Her ethics-driven foundation and personal integrity ensure that those positive innovations also benefit those who serve these amazing elders.

Lorri is an experienced professional, whose career encompasses 25+ years in managerial positions in healthcare.  She has witnessed the evolution of healthcare from the analog to the digital era, deepening her understanding of how the healthcare delivery system of today actually works.  There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ in Telehealth despite what a vendor might tell you.  Lorri’s exclusive focus on the Senior Living industry isn’t duplicated in the telehealth marketplace.

Her firsthand, experiential career knowledge of the Senior Living Industry means that Lorri is inherently aware of the subtle nuances of, and the resources needed to creatively implement and strategically project, manage change and innovation in Senior Living.

Prior to founding Choices, Lorri worked as a Director of Sales in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing Facility communities; as a Director of Hospice; as Concierge Coordinated Care Manager and Placement Division Director for a large Home Healthcare Company serving neurologically impaired seniors, where she managed Concierge Coordinated Care Cases; as Director/ Project Manager for a large multi-specialty medical group, successfully raising their 2-star rating to 5 stars.

Remaining true to her passion for enriching the lives of Seniors, Lorri set out to improve the Senior Living Industry by founding Choices Senior Living.

The focus of Choices Senior Living was to aid families who felt that their family member was no longer safe living at home.  Working face-to-face with her clients, she listened to their needs, budget and geographical preferences. Lorri’s work with, and for the senior and their family was free to the clients.  Her firsthand knowledge of what life in a well-run, caring community looked and felt like, combined with her extensive network of personally vetted Senior Living Organizations empowered her to help families make the right Choices for their loved ones.

Lorri’s diligent work ethic and empathy quickly gained her a reputation as a trustworthy advocate for Seniors, their families, and quality Senior Living Organizations.

Despite the pressing need for the level of personalized service Lorri provided for seniors, there were only so many people’s lives she could touch in a given time frame.  She intuitively felt that there must be a way to touch hundreds or even thousands of seniors’ lives each month for the betterment of their quality of life and their family members’ peace of mind, while simultaneously providing relief to overburdened eldercare organization.

Make no mistake, when a woman with Lorri’s tenacity decides there must be a better way, the universe opens doors, even if those doors didn’t previously exist.  This is truly the case in how she found the answer to fill those vital needs.

While exiting the lobby to fly home from a National Senior Living conference, Lorri noticed that the marquis had changed to welcome the arrival of the (ATA) American Telemedicine Association conference, scheduled at that same hotel the following day.  The innovative wheels in Lorri’s thought process knew that this was the healthcare delivery system that would meet the needs of seniors and the organizations that cared for them.  Flights were rescheduled, rooms were rebooked and, the following morning, she attended the first session of the day.  That was the moment when the enormous benefits of telehealth for seniors crystallized in Lorri’s head, and her Mastery of this amazing healthcare delivery model began.

During a breakout session, introductions were made around the table.  There were four emergency room physicians, two neurologists and the owner of a national ambulance service who were convening to form a telestroke corporation. When Lorri told them that her background was in senior living, the response was far different than she had anticipated; they immediately began telling her of the vital need for telehealth in senior living, and the horrors of overcrowded ERs who were seeing elderly patients in the middle of the night for basic medical conditions.  The trauma of being admitted into acute care for routine issues caused anxiety, elevated heart rate, and hypertension, all of which could have been easily avoided had the point-of-care remained at the patient’s residence. 

That was it:  Lorri’s exclusive focus immediately shifted to telehealth for seniors.  By lunch she was ordering new business cards and writing a new business plan. By breakfast the next morning she enrolled in the only Telehealth Certification School that was endorsed by the American Telehealth Association and within 6 weeks had been Certified as both a Certified Telehealth Consultant (CTC) and a Certified Telehealth Liaison (CTL). That was the beginning of Choices Senior Solutions and the vision that began this narrative.