What Is Telehealth?

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What is telehealth?

The growing and vibrant Telehealth industry is a broad and emerging field that links patients to a global community of physicians and healthcare providers via HIPAA-compliant two-way video and medical-information technology. Telehealth has had a slow start over the past few decades, because it fundamentally changes the paradigm of how healthcare is delivered.  Healthcare delivery has historically been “brick and mortar” dependent, with patients having to travel to centers of care. Now patients can consult with their physicians via a web browser or smartphone 24/7/365.  Telehealth removes distance, inconvenience, and the potential of creating further medical problems due to transfers, reducing anxiety, wait times and exposure to waiting room germs.  In other words, virtual care streamlines and delivers care to where the patient is, rather than at the physician’s office or emergency room, including sending an instant electronic prescription to your chosen pharmacy.  Click Here to learn how choices leverages the power of Telehealth for you.

As you take a hard look at the advantages telehealth brings to your organization, associates, residents, and their families, you need professional advice. Lorri Thanos has been working in the field for years. Seeking her counsel is just good business.
— Dan Rexford, VP, Senior Living Builder; Consultant, 55+ Marketing