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Simply put Lorri Thanos gets it! I have known Lorri for years and it’s people like her that are going to help lead us to the changes that are so needed in Geriatric care. Telehealth is the wave of the future and Lorri is a pioneer in the field.
— Dr. Josh Luke, Hospital CEO, USC Faculty, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

Why Choices Senior Solutions?

Taking the complexity out of perceived obstacles, or recognized concerns in Senior Living and Aging in America; our company name says it simply and succinctly, we provide Solutions. At Choices, we work as Consultants, Strategic Business Partners, Project Managers, Mentors and Telehealth Experts to develop, design and implement the precise telehealth program to deliver optimal results for the clients we serve.

Staying strategically focused ONLY on Senior Living, the team at Choices Senior Solutions has a combined senior living career and managerial background of over 50 years. It’s that career background and hands on experience and understanding of the subtle nuances and resources needed for Senior Living which allows us to remain expert in the constant growth, development, rapidly evolving legislative and regulatory requirements of the Senior Living Industry.

Telehealth is also an area of constant growth, as well as the same rapid regulation and legislative changes. We make it our business, to stay on top of these technology changes daily, and what effect they will have on our clients. We believe, as do our clients, that working with a telehealth company that specializes only on one sector of our population, Seniors and the organization that serve them…makes Choices Senior Solutions the premiere telehealth company for Senior Living.  The following is a list of the Seniors and the Senior Living Organizations we specialize in:

  • Independent Living and 55+ communities
  • Home Healthcare
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Memory Care Communities
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Post-Acute Care Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Communities